Disc Collection


Collecting vinyls is a bewitching hobby, a passion, record collectors will even tell you about religion: from the meticulous search of record bins to the sacred ritual of listening to his favourite vinyls, the collector usually leaves nothing to chance.

In fact, there are reasons why more and more music lovers are starting to collect vinyl records, such as the beauty of the object. But make no mistake: while vinyl is a dream, it is also a demanding and sometimes discouraging medium that will satisfy even the most discerning music lover.

why collect vinyls?

We might as well start with the polemical question “is vinyl better or not?” Well, the answer is not simple. Certainly, if we compare it with a 256 kbps MP3, vinyl is better. On the other hand, if we compare it to other physical supports such as tape or CD, then it’s hard to give an answer.

Vinyl records are fantastic collectibles. The sentimental connection between the listener and certain albums is the soil in which the joy of collecting takes root, and considering the growing popularity of these objects, they can also be good investments. An original pressing of an album from its country of origin can be particularly sought after; these editions are often limited and therefore relatively rare. Watch out for limited presses and special editions, especially if they are in good condition. Or you can start a collection of autographed vinyl albums.